In our continuing series, Iran’s not doing so good economically. Which is the equivalent of having “the sky is blue” appear as a breaking news item in a ticker. The economic incompetence of Iran’s theocrats is so pervasive I can only address them in bullet form:

  • Iran exports vast amounts of oil, yet has to import equally vast amounts of gasoline as it has painfully limited refining capabilities. Thus, gasoline is routinely rationed. It’s like the 70’s gas crisis every day in Tehran.
  • Inflation is at a level only Zimbabwe could envy.
  • Unemployment is at a level that should make any government of a country with a population as young as Iran’s nervous if not starkly terrified.
  • Ahmadinejad only won the presidency the first time on the promise to shower wealth on the poor. You can guess how well that went.
  • The Reckoning has hit everyone. EVERYONE.
  • On top of everything else, Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions

Against this backdrop, Iran’s nuclear plans can be viewed less as a threat and more as a desperate attempt at job creation. But seriously, if half of what Time’s article says is true actually is then the blue collar labor element so far missing from Green Movement protests may soon materialize, to the Mullah’s continuing detriment.