Someone has it out for Haiti. I’m not sure if they’re a person or a deity but whoever it is has both extreme power and an extreme hatred for the western third of Hispaniola. The sun has finally risen, allowing people to take stock of the full scale of the damage dealt to the capital of Port Au Prince following last night’s massive earthquake, and according to Haiti’s first lady large parts of the city are simply gone. Haiti has just managed the seemingly impossible and snatched the title of most unfortunate nation on earth from Afghanistan. This earthquake already follows the Hurricane conga line of 2008 when the country was his by literally FOUR major storms in a row. And of course let us not forget the extent to which it was wracked with severe political instability for a decade following several more of horrible mismanagement under a dictator who’s philosophy of governance can be accurately summed up as “voodoo”.

Rather than dwelling on misfortune, and as I’ve outline there’s certainly plenty to dwell on, now’s the time for action. President Obama’s already promising American help is on the way, and NPR has posted a handy list of ways you can make donations to aid organizations who really really need it. And I don’t even mean the television infomercial kind of need; reports are saying the UN compound has been flattened, a large portion of the peacekeeping mission’s forces are missing, and Doctors without Borders has basically been left crippled. If there was a time you were thinking about giving to charity, and in this economy I can’t entirely blame you for having second thoughts, now is the time to do so. Failing that, I urge everyone reading this to hope/pray for the people of Haiti.

-We’re All In This Together