Not that I want to beat a dead horse, but I can’t in good conscience hold back some further bits of good news coming out of Iran, including a rather encouraging report from TIME that not only are the protests continuing, but that turnout on Friday concurrent to the regime’s Quds Day rallies was unexpectedly high. Some reports state that the number of protesters was either equal to or greater than the number of people attending government-sponsored rallies, and were enough to hold their own or even successfully push back against Basij attempts to block them from their march paths.

But wait, there’s more! It seems Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, who was once to be the successor to Khomeini and is now the single most prominent and influential opposition-aligned cleric, has issued the most scathing condemnation of the regime yet. In a culture where high clerics are often seen as role models, and given that Montazeri has been specifically declared as worthy of emulation by ALL shias, this is likely to hold no small amount of weight in Iranian public opinion and certainly helps aid the opposition’s momentum coming out of Friday’s successful rallies.

This seems to have breathed new life into the opposition, and strike no small amount of worry in the regime, as it has demonstrated its ability to survive and continue to summon mass rallies and prominent declarations of support despite the multiple strategies the government has pursued to crack down. And given that Iran has no shortage of events aimed at either religious observances or biting their thumbs at the west, the greens will have plenty of opportunities to continue to make their displeasure known, and continue to embarrass, if not destabilize, the regime as it begins the delicate game of finally engaging with the west.

I usually leave these requests for my more religious counterparts at Saint Superman, but I join them in asking you to pray for the people of Iran.