As most coverage of the green revolution has been pulled from prying western eyes the story has pretty much shriveled up and blown away with most western observers reaching the conclusion that, though the power struggles between hardline and ultra-hardline elements within the government continues, the moderate voice of the people has been effectively silenced.

However, bits of information continue to leak through and a story in Time reminds us of a truth we had largely forgotten: Iran continues to hate its student population. The government is giving orders to expel thousands of students and is considering shuttering the entire system for the fall as students, wont to protest as they are, are now returning to Tehran and other major cities in the largest numbers seen since June. While they not pose a direct threat to the government’s survival the last thing either of the surviving factions now maneuvering for power in the wake of the june “election” wants is more images of the streets filled to bursting with popular protest. And though the likelihood of protests successfully boiling over and ousting the regime is quite low, let us remember the first revolution was centered on Tehran University.

In short, the saga of Dune is far from over…