Pakistan’s deterioration has reached a terrifying new stage as the Taliban have begun expanding out from the Swat Valley and have seized control of the neighboring district of Buner, imposing Sharia there as well. What’s terrifying is that this now puts the Taliban within 60 miles of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. Initially international concern was focused on the use of the area by the Taliban as a launchpad for attacks into Afghanistan, since the Pakistanis refuse to let anyone, including themselves, do anything about the problem. This is because the ISI, Pakistan’s main intelligance agency has been harboring the Taliban in order to keep Afghanistan weak and possibly use them as a weapon against India. The main question now is what the response will be if/when the Taliban make it obvious they’re after the capital, and by extention control of all of Pakistan itself. Having failed in Afghanistan they apparantly feel compelled to impose Sharia law somewhere, and what a happy coincidence they’re already in a country with a pathetically weak government and nuclear weapons. And this is the crux of the matter, the nightmare of every other nation on Earth, esp India, the US, and China: the taliban taking control over Pakistan and its nukes. If this happens, expect India, already incredibly paranoid about anything to do with its archenemy, to do something incredibly stupid in the name of self-defense. And once that happens, we are all damned.