As we approach the end of the first 100 days of Obama’s presidency (an artificial construct if ever there was one; is the president being graded by semester?) the GOP is predictably lining up to slam his various efforts at governing. The economic route having not proven fruitful thanks to the farce that was the rollout of the GOP’s budget alternative, they’ve now turned to foriegn policy. Officials including Mitt Romney and dick cheney are calling Obama’s efforts so far a failure. Putting aside the fact that cheney’s credibility is a smoldering radioactive ruin and Romney is simply posturing for 2012, so far polls show good public support for Obama’s foreign policy efforts as well as a steady increase in the number of people who say the country is on the right track (though they’re still a slight minority). And as I’ve said before newt gingrich is apparantly the only man in america that thinks the president didn’t have a good handle on the pirate hostage situation.

Far be it from me to say these guys can’t criticize Obama, all I’m saying is that I and many Americans will fail to care until we hear it from people who don’t have an active stake in seeing the man fail, let alone people who would have called such criticism treason just 4 short years ago. Get back to us once your party actually does something worthwhile.