After taking some time to think about it, I beleive the administration’s decision not to prosecute CIA interrogators following the bush administration’s lead on torture during the Dark Time is twofold:

1: Obama has consistently stated his desire to move on from the bush years and not look back with a view toward retribution. The congressional hearings that would have to come with any prosecutions would inevitably involve dragging former administration officials back in for questioning, and in the current political climate this would degenerate into at best a circus, at worst a Star Chamber.

2: Prosecuting agents now after they were told what they were doing was legal under bush sends the message that intelligance agents are only safe as long as the administration that gave them their orders is in power and that they can and will be victimized based on the shifting of the political winds, thus destroying what little morale the CIA has left along with their recruiting ability.

While I’m revisiting old subjects, Newt Gingrich continues to be an idiot.