Nancy Pelosi continues to be repugnant: after spending every waking moment since 2006 railing against the ethical lapses of the GOP and their efforts to resist democratic efforts to investigate same, now couched in a comfortable majority she’s looking into doing the exact same thing. Apparantly having found “because they’re republicans” is not a satisfactory reason to resist calls for an investigation into some democrats’ involvement with a defense lobbying (there’s that word again) organization currently mired in a corruption investigation, she’s asking house members for better excuses. If this breaks the congressional leadership is concerned this could balloon into the equivalent of the Abramoff Scandals that swept the ranks of the GOP not terribly long ago. Sensing the potential blood in the water the GOP is of course rallying for investigations into the matter, but whatever partisan motivations they may have for this it doesn’t invalidate that necessity of their calls. If the dems rose to power on the wings of their message of good, clean, transparent government then they need to be held to account. Abrogating these promises within the first 4 months after Bush’s ouster is the very height of hypocrisy, and one of the many reasons I’m starting to be tempted to actively call for Pelosi’s ouster. I understand she’s embittered after 8 years of famine and pestilence, but she’s done an excellent job of discrediting her leadership in the past 6 months and the time may have come for us to have a speaker that can speak without half of the house chamber covering their ears and groaning in agony.


-We’re all in this Together