Apparantly Texas Governor Rick Perry is hinting at Texas once again seceding from the Union, so angry is he over federal deficit spending. As much as I realize this is just an extension of the GOP’s “no taxes ever” stance, it just has “I WANT NATIONAL MEDIA ATTENTION” written all over it. And as this very Blarg noted several days ago, the governor and other prominent members of the state GOP can bleat and moan over how much the stimulus funding is an affront to the lord, but at the end of the day no one doesn’t like money, and the Texas legislatute has already begun to move to override the governor and accept their cut of the stimulus money over his objections. I think in this situation the GOP would be well served to follow the lead of a much better governor, rather than someone who claims he will run for the presidency of texas even though the office has pretty much already been filled.

Karen Tumulty over at Swampland, a Texas native herself, quips on the matter at hand:

Actually, Texas did secede once before, in 1861. I seem to recall that didn’t work out so well.