Apologies for the long absence, but my workload has increased drastically for the last ten days and I figured if I couldn’t make time for regualr updates may as well not update until I could do so. I’d give you details on what it was that kept me so busy but I’m afraid it would probably cause PETA to issue a fatwa.

But now we return to the realm of politics; wherein the GOP, in its fervent opposition to the federal stimulus bill, has forgotten the first and oldest rule of human economics: people like money. Whether it’s salt, paper, or gold-encrusted chestnuts, if it’s legal tender we all want it. So it’s little surprise that in the states where the republican governors have decided to take the ideological moral high ground in refusing to accept any federal stimulus money, the (republican controlled) legislatures  have largely risen in revolt. Because while the dulcet tones of approval from the national party inside the beltway may give the governors in question that nice warm fuzzy feeling, state governments facing various degrees of budget shortfalls could care less about an ideological pat on the head. Thus creating another case of the GOP having to lower its expectations, and a political PR offensive against the administration/democrats in general has degenerated into a rout.

Ironically, the opposite has been true in Blarg!’s home state of Virginia. Since 2000 the republican-controlled general assembly has existed solely to embarrass both the sitting democratic governor and the people of Virginia. And thus in their wisdom they’ve overridden Governor Kaine in refusing to accept $125 million in federal money to fund the state’s unemployment insurance program. I’m sure the legions of unemployed across the state left jobless by the Reckoning will understand that they don’t need handouts, just good old fashioned american gumption. Luckily for them the governor has already begun dusting off the state’s ceremonial guillotines:

“I just can’t imagine why we would leave $125 million…on the table,” Kaine said. “There’s an awful lot of people who are hurting in Virginia…and the message to them seemed to be: ‘We don’t care. Fend for yourself,’ ” he said.

“This was not about the federal government. This was not about an ideological battle with some distant foe. This is about looking in the eyes of Virginians who have lost their jobs,” Kaine said. “The notion that this was just some jolly ideological crusade to shake our fist at someone (in Washington) is just such a misunderstanding of what this job is.”

Fear not gentle readers, the guillotines are purely for show.