Jon Boehner, realizing that the democrats have pretty much called his bluff, today produced the outlines for the GOP’s alternative to President Obama’s budget. Admittedly, I must give the republicans credit for actually trying to propose a constructive alternative in order to save themselves from Rahm Emanuel branding “NO” onto their collective ass. However, this being just an outline at the moment, Boehner was able to do little else than bluster on about tax cuts, spending cuts, and the democrats’ disgusting spending without being able to go into the specifics of his own party’s plan, which will be revealed some time next week.

Unfortunately for him, Glenn Thrush over at Politico was kind enough to toss some chum into the water by revealing that Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan do not like being rushed. I can sympathize with Boehner’s need to stymie the democrats’ “party of no” narrative, but if you’re going to call their bluff you damn well better be prepared. As it stands the preview seems more effective in allowing the administration to counteract republican criticisms of Obama’s proposals at times being too vague, esp given that the only concrete number in the entire thing is a nebulous tax cut for people making $100,000. To say nothing of the continuing narrative of internecine strife within the party, this does little to advance the image of the GOP presenting a united front behind a viable alternative to Obama’s budget. The dems are going to make sure this bites them in the ass for every news cycle until the actual numbers come out, and after this those numbers had better be good.