For those shut-ins who may have failed to  notice (although I’d hope the daylight savings popup on your computer would have provided a clue), the days are getting longer, the temperature is still wildly vacillating but trending upward, and spring is most certainly in the air. And, as Amy Sullivan at Swampland points out, the sex ed wars are emerging from hibernation. At odds is whether or not to renew about $170 million in funding for “abstinance-only” sex ed programs. And as the article she wrote (and links to) points out, abstinance-only isn’t cutting it for the very simple reason that ignorance is not bliss. The assumption underpinning support for these kinds of programs is that if they’re not told about it kids will never ever figure it out on their own, an assumption that is not only ignorant but malicious in its sheer stupidity. To the parents of America, I issue an ultimatum: your children ARE going to find out about sex one way or another, and as it stands you have three options for how they will recieve this knoweldge: You, their teachers, or the internet. And trust me, you do not want your child to find 4chan and get it in their head that tentacle rape is somehow normal. Any good parent would want their child armed with the kind of knowledge they need to make good decisions when it comes to sex. If morality or cultural issues or even simply squeamishness pose problems, then this is where the parenting part of being a parent should kick in. But telling kids that abstinance is their one and only option until marriage is like throwing them into the ocean without a flotation device. And if te current rate of teen pregnancy in this country is any indication, they’re not treading water.