Politicans, at one point or another, will suffer from this rather distressing ailment in which they’ll accidentally say something they’ll wish they hadn’t. From president bush’s many, many, many “kids say the darndest things” moments to nancy pelosi’s only slightly less numerous invitations to political fisticuffs, it’s a time honored source of entertainment and a quick buck for the media. President Obama is no exception, and his return to earth from the lofty highs of the polls he’s been enjoying has been hastened by a comment on what many will now call an ill-advised visit with Jay Leno. As much as I hate the feeling that I cut Obama too much slack, I’m going to have to join Joe Klein on this one in say that, yeah the comment wasn’t exactly kosher, but it wasn’t incredibly outrageous and he’s already apologized. Let us move on to something at least a tad more substantive.

On the other side of the ideological (and skill) spectrum, it’s bad enough that people are still listening to Joe the Plumber talk, but it’s infuriating given that they’d subject themselves to him when he basically openly declares himself to be an actual, literal attention whore.