In what is probably the clearest signal bibi netanyahu could possibly have hoped to send on his intentions for the peace process, he’s selected Avigdor “disenfranchise the arabs” Lieberman as foreign minister. Not only does this send the message that the Israeli government is done and quits with the peace process, but as Lieberman is widely viewed as racist even in the US, it kills dead what little diplomatic credibility Israel had left. This strikes me as a tad irrational, even for bibi. I know lieberman was going to have to play a significant role in the new government, such are the spoils that go to the kingmaker. But foreign minister? The arabs think he’s a racist, thus generating more grist for Ahmadinijad and Hamas. This is the Israeli equivalent of dubya saying “bring it on”.

And so the merry-go-round from hell keeps on a-turnin’ -_-