Nancy Pelosi once again brilliantly demonstrates the extent to which her mouth is detached from her brain: the entire house caucus was forced to vehemently deny that any kind of a second stimulus package is in the works after Pelosi, for some ungodly reason, stated that she’d be in favor of such a thing. I’m sure she would be in favor if a second stimulus was on the table, moreso if it was needed. Since neither of these conditions is yet true, this reeks of another attempt by her into making the republicans pee themselves at the thought of another multi-billion dollar spending bill on the heels of the one they were just run over with. This isn’t smart politics to begin with, moreso now that most of the american people agree with the GOP in that they have become tired of spending their money like extras on Sex and the City and would rather their government at least put up the pretense of following their lead.