Apologies for the long absence, I’ve been diseased suffice to say. GRE studying this week as well as travels will keep the Blarg fit and trim for the next week or so as well. Steel yourselves, noble readers.
In today’s episode, the republican self-love fest known as CPAC opened on saturday and the party’s taken the opportunity to slam Obama not just on policy but also by rewriting history. It can be argued that “era of big government” ended with the glorious revolution in 1994, but even if that were true it would surely have returned with the passage of the Patriot Act, if not sooner. Panic legislation or not, they seem to have forgotten which president this expansion of federal power was handed to. If conservatives failed to successfully limit the size of the government the last time they gained power (and immediately became drunk on same), they have yet to make a compelling argument as to why they should be trusted to do so again.

The other interesting tidbit to come out is the pissing contest between everyone’s favorite gasbag Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele, who can now be considered not so much the head of the GOP as much as it’s regent given that he’s pretty much given leadership to Limbaugh. Short version: many prominent GOP members, including Steele and central Virginia’s own Eric Cantor denounced Limbaugh over his previous comments that he hoped Obama’s presidency would fail. Steele gained respect by taking it one step further, specifically calling the comments for what they were, incindiary and ugly. That respect was immediately forfeited as the next day he began the process of apologizing to Limbaugh, in what can only be described as full acknowledgement of his greater control of the party.

Granted, I still hope the party sees the writing on the wall and begins the process of moderating to meet the needs of the greater electorate, but right now it seems they’re prepared to follow Limbaugh straight to the gates of hell, and they may yet recieve their wish.