For the second time since its inception, Facebook has been forcibly bitchslapped by its own users. Some of you may remember the previous furor, which was dubbed the millenials’ first true revolution, over the addition of the news feed, which has been the first in a series of privacy concerns on the site that have ignited firestorms of outrage. In most cases this is contained to a few usergroups wherein the righteous outrage burns itself out after awhile. In rarer instances the outrage is powerful enough to escape the confines of the internets and spills over, resulting in the deadliest motivating force in America: national media coverage. Such has thankfully been the case with facebook’s recent attempt to basically claim ownership of  everything you post on there. Of course this victory for information privacy may be short lived, as even now Mark Zuckerberg, dread lord of the nerds, is slowly but surely drawing his plans against us.