Good News for Democrats: Judd Gregg has accepted Obama’s offer of Commerce.

Bad News for Democrats: as I foretold, Governor Lynch has pledged to appoint a republican to replace him, and has in fact likely chosen Bonnie Newman, Gregg’s cheif of staff, as his replacement.

Personally, I beleive this decision is motivated by two main things: first, Lynch is up for reelection in 2010, and being the governor of the only purple state in new england, becoming the guy who basically gave the senate to the democrats would open himself up to a lot of wrath from the state’s not-inconsiderable republican population. Secondly, Gregg stated he wouldn’t even take the job unless his successor was a republican, and I assume the Obama administration would be somewhat displeased to have their pick held up on a technicality. Basically no matter who John Lynch might have actually wanted the man only had one real choice, unless he wanted to become the most politically hunted man in the northeast.