As many of you may already know, I joined what can only be adequately described as a horde on the national mall yesterday to bear witness to a moment of history. Of course in my case I and two friends of mine (one of which was KeMiRo of Saint Superman semi-fame) didn’t so much witness history as strain to hear it from loudspeakers over the sounds of police sirens, because the DCPD is like that -_-. On the plus side the comraderie was good, the journey not as arduous as it might have been, and we can at least say that We Were There.

But for now my brain is continuing the process of reconstituing itself from it’s previous state that resembled something like pudding even as my legs continue to feel the consequences of standing/walking for about 5 straight hours. And as Obama’s vast, Vast, VAST work (vast) begins, so too does my own task of combing the blogosphere and picking out the most interesting nits continues. He’s something of a sampler tray:

  • Even as I’m aware of the extent to which Joe Klein almost fetishizes Obama, the fact cannot be denied that the man knows how to write an excellent article. As can be expected at this point, it does ring with some unnecessary-but-understandble anti-bush triumphalism (specifically a dig at cheney’s wheelchair bound status during the swearing-in), but the article’s basic message is still very nice, and can be distilled thusly:

 Reagan’s movement was called a revolution, but this may be more than that — the beginning of a whole new era of Obama-inspired and Obama-led citizen involvement. During the transition, the Obama website called for supporters to hold community meetings to discuss their health-care priorities. A staggering 10,000 meetings purportedly were held; 5,000 sent written reports — more paper! — to the transition office. This is a new kind of politics, with the potential to be the most powerful citizen army in U.S. history. If so, it will more likely be a force for civility — for “boring” things like good governance, for new ideas about how to control the cost of entitlements (which Obama pointedly mentioned in his speech) — rather than a rabble spamming the offices of recalcitrant Republicans.


  • Not that I wish to downplay the importance of Obama to black america, but lest we all forget the man is still half white. And so biracial america stakes its claim to its peice of the moment. This is one of the reasons I think Obama has been so well recieved: who better to lead a nation that’s a crazyass mishmash of everything and everyone than a man who’s own genetics and upbringing are a crazyass mishmash of everything and everyone. Being biracial myself its something of a comfort knowing that I too can claim a part of saying “he’s one of us, and he got to the top.”


  • Meanwhile, in contrast to the near-masturbatory tone of some of the articles topping RealClearPolitics, Politico counsels that some healthy skepticism is in order. It won’t placate liberal wonks who accuse Politico of being nothing more than a veiled conservative tool, but it is necessary to rememeber that, as refreshing and necessary as Obama’s candidacy/presidency is, he is but a man. Even more shockingly to some who know me is that I actually agree with this sentiment. The campaign had its rough patches, and as well run as the transition was even it could’nt avoid a few speedbumps *coff*blagorichardsongeithner*coff*. I don’t (nor should anyone else) beleive that he’s going to wave a magic wand and suddenly our problems will vanish, and if the size of the coming stimulus package is any indication things may well get worse before they get better. But I do beleive he’ll do everything he can to make things better, and hopefully that will be enough to to get us back onto our feet and going forward once again. And in the end, that’s really all we can expect of ANY president, including the one who was quite literally booed out of the capital yesterday.

PS: Please stop yelling Arianna Huffington, I can hear you just fine. I swear to god if your headlines get any bigger they’re going to physically crack my montior.