After a torturous recount process touched on earlier in this very blarg, the Minnesota board of election is making ready to certify Franken’s (relatively) vast lead of 225 votes over Coleman and finally declare him the winner, and the new junior senator from Minnesota. For those keeping track, this technically gives the democrats control of 60 seats if the two independents (Lieberman and Sanders) who caucus with them are counted. Despite this number I’ll take this opportunity to remind my readership that the democrats still don’t have the magic 60, especially since Lieberman is a republican in all but name and getting 60 people to agree on anything, esp something as big as a filibuster override, would require an event probably involving a body count.

In the meantime, let us now welcome Al “Rush Limbaugh is a bit fat idiot” Franken among the ranks of our new benevolent liberal overlords.