Politico reports that Obama has tapped Virginia governor Tim Kaine to head the DNC.

At one time a frontrunner for the VP slot due to his very early support for Obama, Kaine’s been projected as a candidate for a multitude of high positions in the new administration. Although I have to say that Kaine’s administration as governor has been competent if unspectacular. While in fairness a good portion of that is due to the state’s budget being trashed by the Reckoning, it still means that he has yet to really emerge from Mark Warner’s shadow, since Kaine pretty much rode his coattails into the governor’s mansion to begin with. So hopefully this’ll be a good opportunity to prove himself a capable politician in his own right on the national stage.

Although now with no clear successor, I do have concerns for the state of the democratic party on the state level, at least as far as the office of governor is concerned.