Despite the swiftest possible route to the senate for Sarah Palin being (thankfully) cut off by Ted Stevens’ own loss, it seems that polls are already being released showing Palin trouncing current senator Lisa Murkowski were she to run against her in 2010. This isn’t terribly surprising given the still large amount of public support she commands in Alaska; election-trail misadventures and Troopergate aside she’s largely free of the kind of malfeasance most Alaskan politicians are famous for, Uncle Ted being only the most recent (and probably longest-lived) example.

However I still simply do  not like Sarah Palin, and especially her politics, but it’s easy to see her winning against Murkowski, with varying degrees of ease: she’s had a largely clean and successful term as governor and her various misfirings on the national stage will have little bearing on the voters back home. Murkowski, for her part, can either redouble her attempts to bring home the bacon for Alaska in the new democratic senate and risk being labled as exactly the kind of pork-sucker Palin loves to maverick against, or take the opposite tack and oppose pork at the risk of being labeled ineffective. A lot can happen in 2 years though, and lot depends on whether, as a result of Obama’s policymaking the democrats emerge either successful or are forced through a wringer similar to what the republicans endured in 2006. Only time (and the war, the reckoning, public polling, every pundit on the tubes, etc…) will tell.