With 81 of precincts in, Chambliss soundly beats Martin 59-41, Quoth Politico.

I must say I’m quite disappointed with this result. Yes Chambliss was pretty much a shoe-in from the get go. And as I’ve stated before I could care less about the magic 60 needed for a “filibuster-proof” majority as its basically a false yardstick. But as outlined in this interesting article courtesy of TIME, Chambliss was the kind of neoconservative republican that objectively deserved to lose. When you can manage to tie your opponent to both Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussien and depict him as weak on national security, despite said opponent being both a triple amputee and a Vietnam veteran, you’ve reached a level of political darkness that would make even Karl Rove blush (note opponent in question was not Martin but Max Cleland, who ran against Chambliss in 2002). To say nothing of the fact that this will only add to Sarah Palin’s perceived star power while sending the wrong message to the republicans in the midst of their ideological struggle, namely that what got them into trouble wasn’t that Bush’s agenda was horribly flawed to begin with but that the party simply wasn’t conservative enough. We’ll see how much good that does them as the electorate continues to moderate.

In the meantime, let me be among the first to say congratulations, you son of a bitch.

We’re all in this Together