Radio silence on here has been induced by something of a crunch at work, leaving me unable to perform my usual duty of scanning other, more well read blogs for material. Hopefully I’ll be getting more free time this week to jump on and ramble on like a madman, but that’s only half the problem. With the election over there hasn’t been too much going on politically that I’ve found interesting outside playing Obama Cabinet Chess, but with the results of the Chambliss v. Martin runoff in Georgia hopefully coming in tomorrow that could well change.

As you’ve no doubt noticed Politico has become one of my primary news watering holes, and today they’ve got an article on an effect myself and several of my friends had already been anticipating: power may well cause the democrats to turn on one another.

In essence, the Democrats and the Republicans now face similar problems, albeit to much different extents: whereas the Republicans are enacting a ritual of mutual-self recrimination after receiving what is universally considered an electoral bitchslap, the Democrats may become victims of their own electoral success as their expanded majorities in both houses give enough room for regional/ideological fault lines to be exposed. The extent to which this occurs depends on a few things, most importantly leadership. Obama has been critical in that he’s had an excellent rallying effect on the dems, but whether that carries over into the actual task of governance remains to be seen. In any case the president in general doesn’t do much in the way of direct leadership in congress, a task that falls to the Majority Leader in the Senate and the Speaker in the House. I haven’t been paying much attention to Reid so I can’t say much about his capabilities (though this itself might say something), but I and many other of the moderate-liberal persuasion are thoroughly dissatisfied with Nancy Pelosi, who seems to enjoy nothing more than deliberately pissing off house republicans. Of course her other favorite hobby, talking a big game before caving in to the president, takes a close second.

In a nutshell, the quality of democratic congressional leadership is somewhat wanting, especially in the face of the democrats as yet unparalleled skill for screwing themselves. And as much as the republicans may seek to take this title, for the most part they can relax somewhat and just concentrate on their own building civil war and wait for the democrats to inevitably screw things up. For as we all know, the karmic wheel of politics will continue to turn no matter who’s in power.

-We’re all in this Together