Continuing on the theme of narratives to which the media refuses a natural death, pundits are SLAVERING over the possible implications of a secret meeting between Obama and Hillary, which in the real world range from the rumored offer to make her Secretary of State to discussing the best time to take afternoon tea (ok probably not quite THAT banal but you get the idea). As much as Obama wants to construct a cabinet that operates as a “team of rivals”, hillary clinton would form a presence so overwhleming as to throw the entire operation out of whack. To use an astronomical analogy, if the Obama administration is a galaxy then Hillary Clinton is a supermassive black hole, a place where all the normal rules and laws of physics not only do not apply but are in fact ground into a fine paste. She would be excellent in a somewhat less central advisory role, or even as Obama’s active senate attack dog, but I think she would exert too much of a warping influence to be effective within the administration proper.

Plus I’d much prefer Bill Richardson for SecState, if only to see the first hispanic high official who isn’t a complete jackass.