As much as I disagree, sometimes violently, with Sarah Palin’s politics, even I’ve become tired with the media’s favorite new parlor game of making her look like an abject fool. Yes, her grasp of key national policy areas was and still is shallow at best. Yes, in the late stage of the campaign she fell off message a lot. And yes, her voice makes you want to shove a pencil in your ear.  And much as her fanbase may be loathe to admit it, yes most of these were relevant points of examination during the campaign considering she would’ve been but a heart murmur away from the nuclear football. However, the campaign is now (mercifully) over, and 2012 is a (mercifully) long ways off. So why the continued media saturation of her? Why continue dragging the woman through the muck?

The reason, I beleive, is tied to part of why her national rollout ended up amounting to the most spectacular political miscarriages since Howard Dean screamed himself out of the presidency. Sarah Palin, like the man with whom she shared a ticket, was placed into an impossible position. Whereas McCain was forced to attempt to placate archconservatives while at the same time reaching out to moderate independents, Palin was plucked from Alaska and, in the course of a few weeks if not days, expected to become a viable VP candiate, a plucky foil for Joe Biden, and essentially the new Golden Idol of Conservatism while having as little contact with the media as possible. We all know what the end result of that was. But with the 2012 campaigns essentially already underway, as well as the decisive role she is expected to play in the GOP’s philosophical battle of ragnarok, it seems the “liberal” media and moderate republicans find themselves in case of strange bedfellows in a quest to discredit her before she can become the prophesized reincarnation of Reagan.

As Ben Smith over at Politico points out, such institutions as Newsweek appear to be at best relying on extremely shaky sources and at worst resorting to outright fabrications to hasten her demise. I don’t subscribe to the narrative of an overarching liberal media conspiracy, but even I’m surprised as the unaminity with which most news outlets are attempting to shove her through the wood chipper. I don’t think such measures are even necessary, as I will reiterate Sarah Palin is a generally smart politician who was severely mishandled. The republicans’ existential crisis is not our problem, and let’s face it, if all else fails we can always send Katie Couric to do that voodoo she do so well.