So, How ’bout that President-Elect Obama?

I’ll have more to say myself in  later post, as right now I’m blogging from a friend’s computer and the reality of what actually happened is still slowly but surely sinking in. For now, though, Joe Klein writes an excellent article on about what Obama’s victory will mean for the nation on a political and cultural level:

Obama’s victory creates the prospect of a new “real” America. We can’t possibly know its contours yet, although I suspect the headline is that it is no longer homogeneous. It is no longer a “white” country, even though whites remain the majority. It is a place where the primacy of racial identity — and this includes the old, Jesse Jackson version of black racial identity — has been replaced by the celebration of pluralism, of cross-racial synergy. After eight years of misgovernance, it has lost some of its global swagger … but also some of its arrogance. It may no longer be as dominant, economically or diplomatically, as it once was. But it is younger, more optimistic, less cynical. It is a country that retains its ability to startle the world — and in a good way, with our freedom. It is a place, finally, where the content of our President’s character is more important than the color of his skin.

We’re all in this together