E-Day Minus Four

Just a quick note tonight on McCain receiving a critical vote of confidence from Virginia\’s Elder Statesman, retiring Senator John Warner. This endorsement is a huge deal considering how widely respected John Warner is in Virginia, especially in spite of the general toxicity of the GOP brand. I myself like the man because he’s the rare republican that actually seems to have good reasons for holding positions I disagree with while knowing when to in turn disagree with the national party and the president. Or it would be were it not for the fact that there remain only 72 hours in the newscycle before E-Day and that’s not nearly enough time for something like this to sink in, especially with Obama up in Virginia to the tune of about 7 points. And Warner’s aforementioned sense of knowing when to break with the overall GOP is evident esp now; he seems to hail from the Colin Powell moderate camp and this has kept him from endorsing either candidate in Virginia’s Senate Race, which is another nail in the coffin for Jim Gilmore, who was already a deficient candidate on a number of levels. If I had to take a guess I’d say this endorsement was timed just so that he could say he endorsed McCain without it actually having much practical effect. This would allow him to still wield credibility and influence should he choose to play a role in the reshaping of the GOP that will follow the election no matter who wins.