Legends have a funny way of shifting if not evaporating outright upon close examination. Turns out there is no Tooth Fairy. Or Santa Claus. And much to the disappointment of the McCain Campaign, the same is true of Joseph Wurzelbacher. The 24 hours following McCain’s attempt at turning “Joe The Plumber” into the poster child for the anticipated failure of Obama’s economic policies have seen the unraveling of many of his earlier assertions, as pointed out in this article from Politico.

Joe the Plumber is not officially a plumber, working under his boss’ certifications, although under Ohio state law he should have at least an apprenticeship liscence himself. He makes less than $250,000, which means he’ll be getting a tax cut from Obama. The plumbing company he wants to buy, Newell Plumbing and Heating Co. of Toledo, according to MSNBC, only has a total annual revenue of about $100,000, and even less taxable income. In his initial encounter with Obama, Joe said the company has an annual income between $250,000-$280,000. Even were this true and Joe’s income became $280,000/year or higher, only the extra $30K would be taxed. Joe himself has, as of 2006, a yearly income of about $40,000.

Now keep in mind all of the preceding hinges on Obama’s economic policies remaining unchanged, a prospect that seems increasingly unlikely as the Reckoning continues to unfold, but is an unpleasant truth neither candidate will own up to at this stage in the race for fear of tanking their poll numbers. Obama may be banking on the nation being more willing to swallow a bitter pill while still in a euphoric post-inauguration haze. How much wisdom there is in beginning to wear out your welcome in the federal city hours after entering it I can’t say, but as the past few weeks have amply demonstrated an election cycle makes rational policymaking a pipe dream.

There is also a bit about Joe owing about $1000 in back taxes, which I can’t really hold against him personally as no one is perfect. But I do mention it simply to reinforce the moral of the story: before attempting to politically canonize someone a bit of vetting would not be inappropriate. *cough*palin*cough*

I would also not be surprised if Joe decided to vote for Obama, if only out of spite for the McCain campaign bringing down the full wrath of the American Media upon his head.